This is a woman living her purpose! Though she never thought of herself as a feminist, ageless rebel Patricia Bragg has been breaking the glass ceilingall of her life.She grew the first natural foods company in America into a worldwide phenomenon,through her genuine belief that everyone has a right to experience radiant health and happiness. Patricia’s message — one that she lived, breathed, lectured and wrote about — fueled her endless energy. For decades, she would appear on four or five radio shows a day, if she wasn’t traveling to a health expo, or speaking to a group visiting her organic farm.


Patricia, the innovative marketing guru, intuited how to broadcast her message effectively on every available platform. There was no social media in 1975! Shewas a cross marketing genius, she marketed the Bragg books on her product labels, and the Bragg products in her books.  Who did that 50 years ago?!


Her message to women: “Take care of yourself first!” And, “move it or lose it!” In the 1960’s, when fitness was a predominately male activity, Patricia was as competitive on the tennis court as she was in business. She spoke about the joys of running, walking,dancing and staying in shape, and has never dieted a day in her life. Our rebel in pink has kept her gorgeous figure purely by weekly 24 hour fasts.


Patricia taught women that their bodies are their own, and they have the right to be fit and beautiful for their own health and pleasure — not anybody else’s — a trailblazing narrative in the  “Cosmo Girl” era of the 70’s and 80’s. Always ahead of her time, the Queen spoke out about natural birth and breastfeeding, when processed food and sugary formulasthreatened the health of babies across America.


I am so honored to be involved with carrying on the teachings and the legacy of this incredible pioneer. She is my hero.

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