It’s Fasting Friday!! Today we’re tackling the question, how best to break a fast?
The first solid meal you eat after a fast is as important for your health as the fast itself.
After 24 hours or more of drinking juices, it can be tempting to dive into a celebratory meal of fats, carbs and desert! However, instead of sustaining the light, clear feeling of the fast, a rich meal will likely leave you bloated and tired. Or worse. A dear friend broke a three-day fast with a Thanksgiving dinner, including the gravy, and they reported feeling more stuffed than the turkey!
The optimal way to break a fast is with a protein smoothie, a fruit salad, green salad or soup. Even if you’re very hungry, you’ll be surprised how satiated you will feel with a plate half the size of your usual meal.
One of the gifts of fasting is that it speeds up metabolism. Weekly fasting boosts weight loss, not because of calorie-restriction on your fasting days, but because your body is utilizing nutrition on non-fasting days more efficiently than it ever has.
Patricia Bragg has never dieted, and does not believe in it. She proudly tells us that her weekly fast has always supported her body maintaining the perfect size and weight. This is the truth about fasting. If you fast regularly, and dedicate yourself to slowly adopting a cleaner, healthier diet in between fasts, you may discover that you never need to “diet” again!!

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