The question everyone asks me is, “How do you maintain a clean, sugar-free diet if your life is not at stake?” The solutions for this is not about willpower. White-knuckling it will not work, long term. However, being able to eliminate sugar is not a measurement of your strength or character. For some people, eating clean is relatively easy, and for others, it is the hardest thing in the world. During this time, we discovered the four keys that allow change to be effortless as well as permanent.

1. Seasonal Cleanses

If you commit 7-21 days to a sugar-free cleansing diet, three to four times a year, and add one fasting day a week to that, over time, those rituals will become your permanent lifestyle. Scientific research supports this by explaining how our neural pathways work. New habits, associated with good feelings and rewards, replace the old, dysfunctional ones. Consequently, our brain says, “Mmm, that hot cocoa with cinnamon oat cream and monk fruit sweetener makes me feel just the way my mom’s hot coca made me feel! I like that!” 

2. Colon Cleansing–Letting Go of the Past

Toxins cause cravings. And I am not just talking about substances like sugar, alcohol, but emotional poisons as well. When our lives and colons can dump the junk, our mood is elevated; our toxic wastebasket is emptied and we tap into a fabulous treasure chest of joy and energy. As the toxins let go, so do our cravings, as well as the grip of these substances have on our well-being. Eighty percent of my clients who do regular colon cleansing kick their toxic habits and maintain new ones.

3. The Wounds That Bind Us

We all carry around past wounds. Indeed, some of us have experienced painful, fractured childhoods. If we do not heal these wounds, it can be challenging to maintain a clean diet. While toxins such as sugar appear to heighten our senses, in reality, over time, those toxins deaden and numb us. Effortlessly choosing to make good choices means that we actually like ourselves, and deserve to feel good. If you struggle to maintain a cleansing diet, it’s not a sign of weakness, but of trauma. Don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help to a counselor or therapist who can assist your healing. Every major city has free or low-cost mental health care. Reach out! You deserve it.

4. Digestible Protein is the Antidote for Sugar Cravings

When you crave sugar, reach for a protein smoothie, a hard-boiled egg, sugar-free protein bar, nut butter on celery or apple slices or any healthy, clean protein snack of your choice. Within ten minutes, you will feel satisfied and it’s much easier to resist the cookie monster!  Always have some form of digestible protein on hand. 

No matter what, don’t give up. Sugar is a toxin that most of us have been fed from childhood, and it doesn’t give us up easily, but with support and perseverance, we can give it up!!

Patricia and I are cheering you on!!




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