Do you crave a mid-morning energy boost? A 4pm pick-me-up?

These days, the question is, who doesn’t?!


Nothing burns nutrients like stress, which also plays havoc with blood sugar levels and mood. Caffeine and sugar are quick fixes, but crush our adrenals and immunity. Here are some healthier choices that will not only rev up your engine, but clear the brain fog and anxiety that sneak up when we’re out of fuel:


  1. Green tea or Matcha

High in antioxidants, green tea has a touch of caffeine, but is gentle on your nervous system. Matcha, which is green tea with the whole leaf, provides steady energy throughout  the day. It can be drunk as tea, or you can add 1/2 tsp of powder to a protein shake.


  1. Maca

Maca is an ancient root that grows high in the Andes, an outstanding source of strength and stamina, used by the Incas for 2,000 years, A superfood, Maca powder is packed with Vitamin B1, B2, E, magnesiaum, zinc, potassium iron and selenium. It is also what we call an “Adoptogen,” which means it has the potential to fortify immunity, balance hormones, and support the nerves, helping our bodies adapt to stresses in our environment. It’s also said to reduce depression and improve brain function through its 18 amino acids.


Maca also protects our skin from the sun! It has large amounts of phytonutrients and polyphenols that neutralize the bodies’ free radicals, thus reducing the risk of skin cancer, heart disease and autoimmune disease. These antioxidants also prevent aging.


Maca is a fantastic alternative to caffeine. Although it functions as a stimulant in the body (Don’t use before bed!) it actually stabilizes blood sugar, so there is no crash. You can add Maca to a smoothie, herbal tea or hot cereal.




  1. COQ10

COQ10 is an enzyme found naturally in our bodies, as well as in nuts, fish and meat. However, many of us are COQ10 deficient, so taking a supplement boosts energy and brain function. Also, we lose C0Q10 as we age, so while the kids don’t need extra, the rest of us might!


  1. Superfood Greens

Superfood greens such as chlorophyll, spirulina, blue-green algae, kelp and Moringa help the blood carry more oxygen, which lifts our mood, clears our head and puts a spring in our step. Safe for kids (add to smoothies!) these superfood greens are high in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and they’re more assimilable than most vitamin pills, which can leave the body completely undigested! And, for those whose tummies do not tolerate raw salads, superfood greens give you all the vital nutrients you need, and more!


  1. Superjuice Powders

The next best thing to fresh juices are superjuice powders: wheatgrass, barley grass, beet juice, acid and Gogi berries. All potent on their own, you can often find three or more packaged in freeze-dried, organic superjuice powder blends, making it fast and easy to get your daily dose of greens on-the-go.


We hope this inspires you to fortify your mornings and afternoons with a non-caffeine, non-sugar blast of energy!

What is your favorite healthy energy booster?

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