Yes, it’s possible to eat healthy on a budget! Doing so doesn’t mean baking your own bread or making everything from scratch, something most of us have little time for. Here are some tried-and-true suggestions for eating well on a budget.


Say YES to these:


  1. Plan out a week’s worth of meals, write ingredients on a list and stick to this list when you shop. Have a snack before heading out. We all know what happens when we shop hungry!


  1. Buy organic fruits, veggies and eggs at your local farmer’s market


  1. Large grocery stores across America, including Costco as well asTrader Joe’s, carry organic produce & organic canned goods, it’s often less expensive there than at health food stores. Buy grains and nuts/seeds in bulk. Many stores are pre-packing bulk items in containers now for food safety, but they are still less expensive than packaged goods.


  1. Double entrees for leftovers or freezing. It’s just as easy to make two batches of chili or turkey meatloaf as it is one. Gluten free pasta with a healthy organic sauce is easy to make and inexpensive. You can sauté red onion, zucchini or mushrooms to add to the sauce to make it more satisfying, and made with penne it makes a great leftover.


  1. Slow-cookers/crockpots are inexpensive time-savers for creating hot food that’s ready when you are. They make delicious soups, stews and curries.


  1. Canned, wild-caught salmon and sardines are a great buy. Serve over a fresh salador make into a gluten free sandwichserved with a bowl of soup, and you have an instant high-protein lunch or dinner.


Say NO to:


  • Junk food snacks, sugary deserts, prepared frozen foods &sodas, even ones labeled as “healthy”


The secret to eating well on a budget is making thoughtful choices rather than impulsive dietary decisions. This serves not only our pocket-book, but our bodies, minds and spirits. Reward yourself by spending the money you’ve saved on a massage or whatever makes you feel spoiled. Carrots work — both kinds!


Sometimesit helps to have specific recommendations. Would you like to see pictures of products that are inexpensive and healthy?

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