Hi Friends, when you think of eating greens, do sea vegetables make the list?


Sea veggies are delicious greens from the ocean, high in healthy iodine, magnesium and iron, and they come in all types, from those that can be eaten raw to others that are best enjoyed in soups and stews.  They are a super anti-aging food, because they are high in anti-oxidants, have zero sugar or carbs, are an incredible “food” for the thyroid and are known to speed up our metabolism. Once you discover sea vegetables, you’ll be hooked!


Here are some types of sea veggies that you may enjoy!

  1. Dulse

Dulse is a red algae that has a smoky, sweet, spicy taste and is an amazing source of B vitamins, copper, chromium and zinc. You can crumble it into a salad for a crunchy taste, or soak it for a few minutes and add it to salsa, guacamole or spread it on crackers.Some say it tastes like bacon!


  1. Arame

Arame is a brown algae that is used in Japanese cooking. It is delicious added to soups and stews, andis natural detoxifier. It’s known for helping grow healthy nails, skin and hair!


  1. Nori

Nori is the most well-known sea veggie, very mild-tasting, and if you’ve ever had sushi (even vegetarian sushi!), chances are it came wrapped in Nori. It’s a fabulous wrap for any “sandwich,” and kids love it. It’s also scrumptious roasted.


  1. Kelp

Kelp is a brown algae, and there are over 30 different varieties! Kelp grows in underwater forests, from the ocean’s floor, and can reach 200 feet  in their quest to reach sunlight. Kelp can be bought in bottles, already ground, to sprinkle on salads, but is also delicious fresh. A popular type of kelp is called Kombu, delicious when added to soups and stews.




  1. Agar-Agar

Agar-agar is a natural jelly-like substance that is a wonderful gelatin substitute for vegetarians. It’s fantastic is recipes that call for thickening agents, and is packed with iron and calcium.


For high quality seaweeds, choose yours from a company such as Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, which sustainably harvests their certified organic sea vegetables.


What are your favorite seaweeds and sea veggies?

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