Headaches are no fun! 😣👎
Some people struggle with them constantly. They take us out of the present moment and can lead to depression and fatigue. Stress exacerbates pain and inflammation of all kinds, particularly in our head and neck.
🚶‍♂️🦋🌳Yoga, brisk walks in nature and breathing fresh air all help us release stress, but if you’re inside behind a desk, here are
six natural ways to heal a headache, and all are safe for children:
1️⃣ Drink A Big Glass of Water; Dehydration is often the cause of a headache. If you are drinking plenty of water every day, it’s possible your body is not absorbing it. Because stress uses up the body’s supply of electrolytes even faster than intense exercise, most of us are not getting enough. There are many tasty sugar-free electrolytes available that turn a glass of water into a fizzy, delicious treat. It’s the best way to tempt anyone who doesn’t find water interesting! You can also add 1 tbs. of Apple Cider Vinegar to your water, which will alkalize your system. Over-acidity causes headaches, too.
2️⃣ Take 1 tbs of Magnesium: Research shows that a magnesium deficiency is common for people who get migraines, and taking 600 mg. of oral magnesium a day helped reduce the frequency and severity of their headaches.
3️⃣ Use essential oils: Peppermint, lavender and citrus oils, applied with your fingertip to your temple, have been shown to reduce the symptoms of tension headaches.
4️⃣Take a B Complex Vitamin: Vitamin B2, B12, B6 all have been shown to reduce headaches and lower stress. Make sure you’re taking an all-natural vitamin, and for some people, liquid Vitamin B is more digestible than a pill.. If you don’t have a favorite, ask for suggestions from the supplement expert in your local health food store.
5️⃣ Take COQ10; This is a substance produced naturally b the body that helps turn food into energy. As we age, we make less of it. Taking 100 mg. daily of COQ10 has been demonstrated to decrease the severity of headaches and nausea as well.
6️⃣ Put a cold compress on your head. And, if possible, also splash your feet with cold water, or put them in a tub of cold water for five minutes. Cooling the body reduces stress and inflammation.
We hope that you are headache-free in no time! What are your favorite natural remedies for healing a headache?
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