Turn on some music and dance! That’s one of Patricia Bragg’s secrets to reducing stress, and who couldn’t use some stress relief this week?!

 Here are seven more of our fearless leader’s favorite things to do to let go of tension:

1.   Do five minutes of deep, diaphragmatic breathing

2.  Take a brisk walk in the fresh air

3.  Write and release your feelings in a journal

4.  Take a hot bath in epsom salts, Apple Cider Vinegar or essential oils

5.   Talk to a good friend

6.  Eat easily digestible, nourishing food

7. And, step away from the news!!

Patricia Bragg has always preached kindness and inclusion. We are sending love out to everyone today, visualizing a safe, loving and unified world, and protection for this beautiful planet which we all call home. Blessings to all!

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