Dr. Hendricks, director of the Hendricks Institute, has been a trail-blazing catalyst in the field of body intelligence and conscious loving for fifty years. She is co-author of 12 books, including the best-selling, “Conscious Loving” and “Conscious Loving Ever After: How To Create A Thriving Relationship at Midlife,” has appeared on “Oprah” and hosted seminars around the globe.

Kathlyn and her husband and co-creator, Gay Hendricks, live what they teach and love what they do! They are what most of us would call “relationship goals.” Both Gay and “Katie,” as her friends call her, are passionate, creative and fully engaged, and, like Patricia Bragg, never plan to retire! In fact, they tell us that “creativity is the number one most important facet of mid-life relationships; that and maintaining autonomy and radiant physical health.”

When you’re in Kathlyn’s presence, you can feel the aliveness and spontaneity like champagne bubbles, sparkling in the air around her. And when you hear her speak. you will find you can’t stop smiling! I have known this amazing woman for over 30 years, and can tell you firsthand, her energy, optimism and curiosity is awe-inspiring.

Through the Foundation for Conscious Living, Kathlyn has created the Big Leap Online Programs, designed to support people to restore resourcefulness, connection and joy.  We have all heard the phrase, “Self-love,” but you may wonder, what can I do to experience more of that? Go to foundationforconsciousliving.organd sign up for the free “66 Days of Appreciation,” which is part of their “Appreciation Challenge,” based on the premise that to create a thriving relationship with YOU, it takes 5 appreciations for every one criticism to fill the reservoir, which then ripples to others without depleting you.

You will find other life-changing offerings on this site, such as “Unlocking the Fear Code and Assessing Essence Power” and “Fear Melters.” These videos are highly entertaining, informative, and easy to understand, so you can put the tools right to work in reducing stress, and anxiety, and boosting confidence and trust.

You can also go to heartsintrueharmony.comand sign up for their free newsletter to learn to the proven skills they have developed over their 30+ year marriage and taught to thousands of people worldwide.

Thank you, Kathlyn, for sharing this immense body of work with us, and for sharing you!

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