Hello! I’m Julia Loggins, gut health expert and author, and I am so excited to join my hero, Patricia Bragg, in bringing her message of health to the world.

The Bragg teachings — cleansing, fasting, natural foods, exercise — saved my life. Struggling with life-threatening asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies and bleeding ulcers, doctors told my parents I would not live beyond 17.

A progressive MD influenced by the Braggs started me on the path to wellness. I dumped the sugar, ate all organic foods, drank gallons of vegetable juices, and my organs completely regenerated. Healing is possible!

After healing myself, I have devoted the last forty years to helping others do the same. I have written two books, and had a private practice in Santa Barbara, CA, with a specialty in detoxification, based on the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle. In my clinic, I see patients dealing with everything from gut issues and chemical toxicity to autoimmune disease, chronic pain, inflammation and the many folks who are just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! If this is you, I welcome your questions and will do my best to answer every single one of them!

It’s a dream come true to align with Patricia Bragg; a revolutionary health crusader — as we join together to amplify our mission: that everyone deserves to be healthy, happy, joyful and fulfilled!

I’d love to know what your interests are, because this page belongs to you, whether you’ve been a Bragg follower for decades, or you are completely new to the path of health and wellness.

We have some exciting new offerings coming soon, such as the audio version of “The Miracle of Fasting,” one of Paul and Patricia Bragg’s most popular books. And right here on patriciabragg.com, you will find informative, entertaining blogs on all the subjects that interest you most…so please, send us your thoughts and ideas!

We’re all in this together. In the spirit of the Queen of Natural Living, Patricia Bragg, don’t be shy, please chime in! There has never been a time in history when the health of  our immune system was more critical. Look to this page for the latest tips on how to stay healthy, happy and connected to some “good news.” Sending you all love and energy!

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