It’s been a wild beginning to 2020! There are so many elements we cannot control in our environment…and there always will be.  The most potent and effective situation we can control now is the vitality of our immune system. We truly are “What we eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do.” And it is through taking action — rather than succumbing to fear or negative thinking — that we will come through this storm transformed, stronger than ever.

These tried-and-true Bragg principals will support your immune system through the coming months:

1. Fasting

This is the perfect time to purify and detoxify our body, mind and spirit. Fasting has been practiced for thousands of years, and has helped millions heal. In the Book, “The Miracle of Fasting,” we are reminded that we can create a “quality of agelessness” by eliminating the toxins that overwhelm our organs, and make us vulnerable to disease. 

If water fasting is new to you, drink fresh vegetable juices, organic broths, herbal teas and clear vegetable soups. Start with a 24-hour fast, once a week, to clear your mind and give your digestion a break. You may be surprised by how much energy you feel!

2. Dump the Sugar!

Sugar is a poison that has been scientifically proven to immediately weaken the immune system. But how do we eliminate sugar, if our bodies are minds are dependent? First, consider a 24-hour vegetable juice fast, followed by consuming plenty of fresh greens, high in Vitamin B, and plenty of fresh, digestible protein: eggs, broths, nuts and nut milks, beans and wild-caught fish. Digestible proteins — rather than carbs — help us control and minimize all our cravings.

3. Fresh, Organic Food

Food is truly our best medicine. Though our normal routine may be interrupted, we can make lemons into lemonade by spending precious, quality time in the kitchen with loved ones. Kids love tasks they can safely do, such as preparing salads, fruit plates, baking sugar-free muffins and choosing the veggies for a thick, delicious soup. Wonderful aromas in the kitchen soothe our spirits and lift our mood.

We also recommend 1,000 of liposomal Vitamin C, 2-5,000 IU of Vitamin D3, as well as organic oregano oil and olive leaf tinctures (or capsules.)  We also suggest you consider Colloidal silver, an excellent immune booster, and Quercitin, which has been shown to reduce inflammation.

The world as we know it is changing into a new one, forming right before our eyes. When Mother Nature goes on a cleanse, she can be relentless. Yet, a world-wide cleansing may usher in some unexpected positive results. As Patricia  says, “We are the captain of our own ship.” Sail yours with courage and faith. Be well!!!

By Julia Loggins

Author, speaker and wellness expert Julia Loggins is joining forces with Patricia Bragg to amplify Patricia’s lifetime message of health and empowerment. Julia has led a private practice in Santa Barbara, CA, for more than 35 years, with a specialty in detoxification. She has helped thousands heal digestive and autoimmune disease.

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