In his early classic, “Healthful Eating Without Confusion” the trailblazing founder of the health movement in America shares his philosophy:
“My own research involved all types of people living in all sorts of climates, who were disease-free, vigorous at advanced ages, with powerful bodies, perfect teeth, eyes, ears and vital organs! Did they all eat the same diet? Absolutely not! There were healthy meat eaters, healthy vegetarians and healthy mixed eaters. All the foods they ate were organically grown, free from commercial fertilizers, poisonous sprays and pesticides.”
Paul cites the work of famed nutritionist Dr. Weston Price:
 “Dr. Price’s worldwide research reveals that there are people living long, healthy lives eating all the natural foods of their environment — foods close to nature: fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, meat and fish.”
Paul went on to write,
“To eat meat or not eat meat — that is a question you must decide for yourself. Our great friend, Jack LaLanne — one of the country’s finest physical training experts, as millions know who followed his TV program — has experimented with many diets. Today his diet consists of fresh raw vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, cooked vegetables, fish and poultry. Jack is the fittest man in the world — and looks it!.”
“Study your own body’s reaction to different diets — meat-eating, vegetarian and mixed. You, and only you, can finally select the perfect diet for your own health. If one system doesn’t work, try another until you find the one right for you!”
Paul Bragg embraced all forms of healthful eating! His emphasis was always on “fresh, whole and organic.”
What diet do you prefer? We would love to hear from you!

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