Infertility affects 3 out of 5 Americans, ages 25-45!

I was one of them.

Before successfully birthing two healthy children, I had three miscarriages and wondered if I would ever hold a baby in my arms. If you or someone you love is confronting this painful reality, it’s easy to get discouraged and lose hope. However, solutions exist! 

We now understand the link between environmental toxicity, stress and infertility. Here is some of what I learned on my path to motherhood:

1. Don’t let anyone — not a doctor or your great-aunt — tell you that you will never have children. No one knows what’s possible, and miracles happen every day. You may be one of them. Negative admonitions, called “Nocebos” (the opposite of positive admonitions, placeboes) can have a powerful effect on our ability to heal. “I don’t know how to help you,” is a phrase we don’t hear enough from medical specialists, but it frees us to find someone who can!

2.  Detoxification is key to successfully carrying a child to term. Read the books written by Patricia Bragg and myself and follow our cleansing plans. Boosting your vitality and releasing toxins are one of the best preparations for a healthy birth and pregnancy. Balance blood sugar levels by eliminating junk food and sugar, and eat plenty of healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado and organic, fresh, raw oils. Natural fats grow healthy brains! 

3.  Reach out to the experts. Finding a functional medicine doctor, naturopath, Chinese medical doctor or integrative MD who specializes in healing infertility naturally. The right support is invaluable. I worked with an acupuncturist, as well as a therapist who helped 5000 previously infertile women have babies, through trauma and stress-release protocols. I learned so much from each of them that I stopped viewing my miscarriages as a curse, but rather an opportunity to become a healthier, stronger person. The road to our dreams is seldom a straight one!

4.  Take a clear look at your life and let go of whatever is not serving you: a toxic job, unhealthy relationships, negative family patterns. Parenting is all about brave choices; start now.

Motherhood and fatherhood comes in all forms. As much as I wanted to birth my own child, I knew I would love any child that called me “Mama.” There are so many children in this world who need loving homes. Kudos to those of you who have adopted children, fostered children or who are devoted step-parents! 

My heart goes out to all of you who are struggling with infertility. Please send me your thoughts and questions, I’m happy to answer them!!

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