💋🎬In 1970, Patricia Bragg wrote “The Amazing New Hollywood Beauty Plan,” whose spirit and secrets are highlighted in our new book, “Revolutionary Beauty!” (coming in Spring 2021)🎉
👉So far ahead of her time, our ageless leader understood the connection between the gut and the glow of our skin. She writes, “Classic health is the true foundation of which every intelligent woman built her vitality and her beauty!”
Here are some precious gems from this classic:
💎“Every woman has the right to look younger than she is. There are many small habits which we can cultivate to beat the hands of time. Here, I am sharing the secrets of the Hollywood stars. There is nothing complicated about this plan! What is so amazing about it, really, is its simplicity.”
💎In her book, she recommends 50% raw foods diet comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables, with moderate amounts of organic range fed meat or wild-caught fish for protein, or plant-based proteins such nuts, seeds and beans. She encourages smoothies for breakfast and salads for lunch, with simple, homemade salad dressings made from lemon juice or ACV and organic olive oil. As with the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, no sugar, processed foods or white flour allowed! She says,
💎“It is not how much you eat, but what you eat that counts!”
💎She goes on to say,
 “There are two things every woman wants — flawless skin and trim, fit figure. But before you can have either one, you must realize that vital cleanliness is the basis on which they are built. By that, I mean your intestines must be working properly to cleanse your body of toxins every day. When you have learned to follow the “Food For Beauty” diet, you will discover that a properly fed body functions normally, and does not need laxatives!”
💎“Ageless beauty does not come of itself. It depends on your “Food For Beauty” diet, exercise, facial treatments and self-massage,” all of which she explains in detail in her book.”
Where to begin?
💎“Your beauty day begins when you awaken. Rise from bed charged with hope and faith in yourself. You have scientific reason for hope. The “Food for Beauty” diet on which you are starting has helped the most glamorous stars of Hollywood stay youthful and fit.”
💎“My dad, Paul Bragg, used to say, “Age is accumulated neglect, not accumulated years! Be faithful to the natural way of life, and the rewards will be many!”
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