If you are one day older today than yesterday, congratulations. You are still alive! The Queen of Health & Longevity, Patricia Bragg, is 91 and I am 65. We are grateful to be here!

However, the real question for those seeking anti-aging is–do you look and feel strong, healthy and beautiful as you begin to move past your 40’s?

What does “anti-aging” mean to you? To me, “anti-aging” means being able to access my thirty-something self–and to run its youthful zest through my wiser brain for utmost energy. For me, feeling younger is feeling sexier and more confident than ever. And, lastly, anti-aging is practicing peace, patience, creativity, and compassion.

Looking Back at the Good Ol’ Daze

Have you ever reminisced over older pictures from your youth and think, “My gosh! What was I so insecure about?” I have done so, as well as many of my friends. We were so hard on on ourselves back then. But the real beauty of aging is the wisdom and compassion we pick up along the way.

You do not need me to name the downsides of aging–we all know them. Some may suffer from brittle bones; while others experience chronic aches and pains. The source of these issues is all the same–genetics, diet, toxicity, stress; our attitudes and beliefs.

Patrica Bragg and I offer the following five secrets for aging backwards.

Cleansing & Detoxification–Top Anti-Aging Strategy

The 2500 chemicals that we daily come into contact with wrinkle our skin, scramble our brains, squash our energy, creativity and sex drive. We have to get them out! We feel happier and lighter, and live longer and stronger when draining the toxins. Cleansing and detox protocols such as Paul and Patricia Bragg’s “Miracle of Fasting,” the 21-Day Cleanse in my books, seasonal cleanses, colon cleansing, juice fasting, ionic foot baths and infrared saunas are keys to both longevity and joy. And we feel so good when we do them — the payoff is instant.

We can do these detox protocols in our own homes. We have all the tools! And, if you have any questions about how to implement detox protocols at home, please reach out! We are available to answer all your questions.

Food Choices for Anti-Aging

Most of us know people who ate and drank anything they wanted in their 20’s and 30’s. Now, however, they will tell you, they suffer miserably after that extra glass of wine or taco stand binge. Sugar and alcohol age the skin from the inside out, beyond what creams and even brilliant dermatologists can fix. Inflammation-causing wheat and dairy will only puff up your tummy and thighs, and add to that stubborn cellulite. Good digestion and a healthy gut will keep us young. Indeed, if the gut did not own us before, it does now! The key to an anti-aging diet is plenty of digestible protein with your food enzymes and protein shakes, as protein keeps us feeling satisfied, and our carb and sugar cravings fade into the sunset.

Anti-Aging Stress Reduction Strategies

Stress is toxic. And unavoidable. Yet, aging gives us the perspective to ask the question:

Is this something I can correct? And if so, how? And if not, do I know how to let it go? As the hormones that propped us up in our 30’s are less bountiful, stress reduction practices such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, bio-feedback, neural pathway re-training, and even painting, dance and art, are as important as avoiding fast food.

Let Go of the Past to Live in the Now

Note the difference between a wise awareness that may have lead us to different choices, and obsessing over the past; beating ourselves up or blaming others. If you struggle with the past, please get professional help. It’s not a luxury. It may be the most important gift you give yourself. Free and low-cost counseling is available in all major cities. You deserve to let go of your past and embrace the present!

Purpose & Community Support and Promote Youthful Aging

These two aspects are the most important to promote youthful aging. If we are aching, tired, stressed, sick and feeling old and unable to help ourselves, it is hard to engage with friends and loved ones, let alone practice our purpose. As we age, the reward of a healthy body and mind is the juice to truly and fully be ourselves. So, rev up your energy, to find what you are on Earth to do. And then do it!

What are the challenges you are experiencing with aging? What are the gifts?
What questions do you have about diet and detox?
We’re here to answer them!!

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