Autism is on the rise, affecting every one in 40 children in the United States. As scary as it is to receive an autism diagnosis, or suspect your child may be on the spectrum, there is hope! After 14 years of research, warrior mom Karen Thomas completely recovered her son from autism with all-natural resources, and shares what she learned in her popular blog, podcast and website,


A cranial sacral therapist and certified bodywork educator, Karen says, “I knew I could naturally recover my son’s autism, even though I was told it wasn’t possible. It quickly became apparent that in order to find the answers and help I needed, it was up to me.”


“Over the years, I applied the results of my research and observed my child’s recovery, and others did, too. I was continually being stopped in the grocery store or on the school yard by moms desperately looking for answers. Their children were suffering with a multitude of issues and they did not want the drugs they were prescribed. They wanted natural solutions! It became apparent to me that I had to write a book with all of the information written out and organized. These moms needed a plan.”

Today, Karen’s son is thriving, and she is helping thousands of families naturally recover their own children. I was honored to appear on Karen’s podcast, where we discussed the importance of gut health, cleansing and diet to healing autism and eliminating all the debilitating symptoms. The success of Karen’s program has been proven again and again by the many testimonials she receives every day. Her wonderful guide, “The 7 Foods To Eliminate From Your Child’s Diet To Quickly Reduce The Symptoms of Autism” is free! You can download it instantly from her site.


Patricia Bragg and I send our love and support to any of you touched by autism. It can seem like an overwhelming challenge. But we are happy to share the information, tools and techniques of, as we, too, believe that Mother Nature always has the answers!

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