Have you tried fasting, but got too hungry or weak to continue? Don’t give up! Although our fearless leader, Patricia Bragg, loves to fast on pure distilled water, many people need some protein and minerals to nourish their body on detox days. The more experienced you become at fasting, the less “food” your body will need to sustain normal activity.

However, it’s not “cheating” to add the nutrient-dense liquids listed below to your fasting days. Water fasting evolved during a time when our planet was chemical-free. The vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in vegetable juices and broths allow our bodies to cleanse gently without becoming overwhelmed with toxins. It’s these toxins that cause the headaches, fatigue and brain fog that people often associate with fasting.

Enjoy these healthy drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Fasting Friday

  1. Green vegetable juices
  2. Lemon water or 1 tbs. ACV in water
  3. Vegetable broth or vegetable bullion
  4. Organic Bone broth
  5. Aloe Vera Juice
  6. Herbal teas

And, if you still feel weak on fasting days, add a sugar-free protein drink or smoothie! This will give you non-stop energy, while still resting your digestion. If you are a coffee-drinker and experience a detox headache on your fasting day, have a cup of green tea or matcha. You may be surprised how easy fasting days become when you add these tasty drinks!

Every body is different, and there is no one “one way” to fast that works for everyone. It gets easier with practice, and finding the “recipe” that works for you. Please send me your questions, and let’s find your sweet spot!!

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