🛀💆☀️📖 It’s Sunday Spa Day, a day for basking in the autumn sun, or a long, lavender-scented bath and a good book! But what if you are quarantining with family, and privacy has become a thing of the past? I’m Julia Loggins and I want you to consider these two questions:
▪️How do you honor your needs, and create time to yourself?
▪️The flip side is, how do those who are missing social interactions deal with the loneliness and isolation that they may be feeling?
This year, our individual preference for rest and renewal is a poignant mental health issue, given the unusual circumstances most of us are facing. Paul Bragg and Patricia Bragg were eons ahead of their time in stressing the importance of mental health, and it’s affect on our body, mind and spirit.
During the week, when we’re working, going to school, or busy with chores around the house, we may not notice how our need for either privacy or social interaction is affecting our mood and our energy. But on Sundays, we may feel painfully aware that, right now, life is not entirely normal.
What can we do about it?
1️⃣ Take a moment and ask yourself, am I craving alone-time or social time, or both?
2️⃣ If you live with family, let your loved ones know how you’re feeling, without blame or criticism, and ask for their support. Phrases such as, “I could really use an hour to myself right now. Is there any way you can help me make that happen?” enlist everyone’s problem-solving skills in a loving way.
3️⃣ Ask your loved ones what they might need in order to feel renewed, and let them know you will support them. If it’s not possible to honor your needs today, then, put it in the calendar so you have something to look forward to. We all deserve a break!
☀️🦆Patricia Bragg’s favorite Sunday is enjoying the ducks who now call her pond their home. Whether it’s a long soak in the tub, a run at the park, or a phone call with your best friend, we wish you a self-soothing Sunday!!
We’d love to know, how do you renew?
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