Friends, that wheezy teen on the left (me!) was told by doctors she wouldn’t live past 17. In the late 50’s, when Paul Bragg was convincing Rachel Carlson to write “Silent Spring,” I was in the Intensive Care ward of hospitals from LA to Chicago, struggling with life-threatening asthma, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis and severe environmental sensitivities. One organ after another was failing, and I lost all my hair and eyebrows, due to a freight train of steroids and pharmaceutical drugs.


I didn’t know the Braggs, but their pioneering work and courageous mandate to spread the truth about health and healing was about to save my life.


Just when it seemed as if I had no options, a Bragg-influenced medical doctor, introduced by a kindly “health-nut” neighbor, told my parents that I needed to dump the drugs, purify my body and adopt an organic, sugar-free, fresh-food diet. This was an unheard-of prescription from an MD in the 1960’s! Though skeptical,they agreed, and my path to wellness began.


It took many long and short fasts, gallons of vegetable juice, and — this was the hardest part —putting myself and my healing first. The reward?  I completely renewed and regenerated my body.


If I can heal, anyone can.As Patricia Bragg would tell you, healing takes guts and grit, but it can be done! If you are confused, scared and sick, don’t give up. No matter what you have been told, miracles happen every day. And, the time-tested, century-old Bragg Healthy Lifestyleis still the most simple, practical and accessible formula for natural healing.


If you have a story about healing, we would love to hear it!! And, if you have questions about your health, we’re here to answer them. Patricia Bragg and I send you love and inspiration on your healing journey!

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