Hi Friends, Menopause has been called many things, but too often, “easy” isn’t one of them.

If you are struggling with hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain and fatigue, you are not alone! And, Xenoestrogenic toxins — which disrupt hormone balance and adrenal health —abound in commercial and process foods, pesticides, GMO’s, household cleansers, shampoos and cosmetics, and exacerbate menopausal symptoms. It is a different world than our grandmothers experienced.


However, there are many positive things we can do to survive and thrive during menopause!

Here are some suggestions:


  1. Eat organic, whenever possible. Let foods be your medicine. A diet that consists mainly of fresh fruits and veggies, digestible protein and as little sugar, white flour, caffeine and fake fats as possible is optimal for supporting both your hormones and your nervous system.


  1. Enjoy a weekly 24-hour fast, as Patricia Bragg has done for the last sixty years, and consider intermittent fasting as well. Cleansing is crucial to lightening your body’s toxic load and lifting your mood and energy. You may add vegetable juices, bone broths and herbal teas to your fasting days, and even a protein drink to stabilize your blood sugar.


  1. Consider detox therapies to reduce inflammation, such as lymphatic drainage therapy, salt baths, infrared saunas and colon cleansing. Our bodies were not designed to flush anything that isn’t natural, so environmental toxins are a heavy burden, particularly during menopause. You may notice a remarkable improvement in how you feel when you detox.


  1. Stress is a trigger that can worsen symptoms, because the adrenal glands are affected by the decrease in hormone levels. Though it’s impossible to eliminate all the tension in our lives, take extra time to walk, move, practice yoga, meditate, get into nature and do things you enjoy.


If there is a particularly challenging relationship in your life, or your workplace is difficult to navigate, this may be the time to prioritize your own happiness and make a change. That’s why they call it “Change of Life”!


  1. The following foods specifically ease menopausal symptoms: Flax seeds, hemp seeds, white and black beans, miso soup, sesame seeds, almonds, olive oil, sunflower seeds, garlic, peaches and strawberries. spinach, sardines, kale, miso and all foods rich in iron and B-12.


  1. Stay hydrated. During menopause, women need more water because low estrogen levels affect dryness. Adding sugar-free electrolytes to your water on a daily basis assists in your body’s ability to absorb liquids.


  1. Spray bottles with essential oils such as peppermintand lavender can be powerful hot-flash-relievers.


If you are having menopausal symptoms that are not being alleviated by foods, cleansing and exercise, one thing is certain: do not suffer! There are times when natural hormone support is extremely beneficial, whether it is through herbs, acupuncture, homeopathic helpor HRT, natural hormone replacement therapy. I have seen clients do well on all of the above. Listen to your inner wisdom, and see what modality resonates with you. No one is the same, and no one knows your body like you do. If there was ever a time to be the captain of your own ship, as Patricia Bragg says, this is it!


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