Our Fearless Leader has an unabashed opinion of bras, especially those with underwires. “Ditch them!” she says. Lymphatic therapists and breast health experts agree! Constricting bras are a serious health hazard. If you have an unhealthy attachment to your underwire bra, we have some beautiful alternatives that may entice you to break up with it!

  1. Vibrant Body Company says their mission is to “change the way women think about their breasts, bras and first layer by advocating for industry change, and providing an alternative.” Their customers rave about them.


2. Organic Basics says “The fashion industry is dirty — but it can be better. We constantly search for better innovation. We have a visionary use of sustainable materials, an a focus on ethical production.” For all body types! us.organicbasics.com

3. Pact’s mission is to promote organic cotton clothing, and the organic cotton industry. Most of their products are certified organic. They say, “We choose to use organic cotton because it sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural farming methods.” Their bras are beautiful, comfy and come in a variety of colors! www.pact.com

Would you like to learn more about breast health? We’re here to support, educate and elevate!


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