⚡️⚡️If you find fasting challenging, here’s a lightening bolt of inspiration!⚡️⚡️
📖Today I am sharing a story by Paul Bragg from his and Patricia Bragg’s best-seller, “Miracle of Fasting” about his 21 day fasting trip with Gandhi in July of 1946. They began in New Delhi, a year before India gained Independence.
In Paul’s voice:
⚡️“I received permission to accompany this amazing man on a 21 day fasting trip eastward through India’s villages, where he would talk with the people and help them with their problems. At that time, the average Indian earned about ten cents a day, and starvation was a way of life.
To show he shared their plight, this compassionate spiritual leader was planning to travel the dusty roads, from village to village, on foot, without food, and only water for three weeks.”
⚡️“Gandhi was 77 years of age and looked very frail. But his looks were deceiving! This man was a tower of strength, physically, mentally and spiritually. His stamina, endurance, and mental abilities were astounding to everyone, including me!”
⚡️“The trek began at sunup, in the worst heat and humidity I have ever experienced. But never once did Gandhi tire or falter in his brisk pace of walking. The only time he sat down was to speak with the villagers. He ate nothing and drank only water flavored with lemon and honey.”
⚡️“Gandhi was inexhaustible! I have never seen anyone with the physical stamina that he had. Of all I learned from him, this statement seems to me the summation:”
⚡️“All the vitality and energy I have comes to me because my body is purified by fasting.”
⚡️Gandhi added, “The light of the world will illuminate within you when you fast and purify yourself.”
🙏Paul Bragg tells us, “On the day of India’s independence, Gandhi took no part in the celebrations that went on all over India. Instead, he spent the day in fasting and prayer in his garden.”
💖We hope this story gives you strength and courage for your fasting day!! — Julia Loggins
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