Yes, it’s possible! The truth is, we can overdo just about anything to the detriment of our health — even something as good for us as water.
A doctor I interviewed reports that people absorb about four ounces of water an hour. He said that to drink a small amount regularly is better than consuming a quart at one time! The body cannot assimilate that much water all at once. Thus, we pee it out without actually hydrating our cells. For the elderly, drinking large amounts of water at one time can actually be dangerous, as it may contribute to an electrolyte imbalance.
Adding sugar-free electrolytes to your water assures that your body soaks up the fluids, which gives your skin that gorgeous glow and boosts energy.
Electrolytes are key to hydration. The inventors of Gatorade knew what they were doing — but the added sugar defeats the purpose! Sugar itself is one of the most dehydrating substances there is, along with alcohol, processed foods and too much caffeine.
Sip pure, clean water throughout the day, infused with your favorite electrolyte. If you enjoy a splash of sweetness, try sugar-free Keto K1000 or Nuun Hydration, which come in a variety of flavors.
Summer is coming! Let’s stay hydrated in a healthy way!

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