“My grandmother drank fresh cow’s milk every day and lived to be 95! Why shouldn’t I?” This question is a common one — and we have answers!

It’s true that many of our grandparents thrived on a variety of foods! The reason that most of us do not do as well on those foods is simply, we do not have access to them. How many of us are living on a dairy farm with happy, hormone-and-antibiotic-free cows who graze on organic grasslands?

Also, cow’s milk was designed by Mother Nature to grow a baby calf into a 2000 pound animal. Most of us would prefer not to replicate that body type!

Another issue is that, due to environmental toxicity andstress, inflammation is the number one cause of disease in America. And dairy products — particularly from cows — cause inflammation. Our lymphatic system cannot tolerate anything that creates more, which we detect as cellulite and overall puffiness. The symptoms of inflammation are also bloat, gut pain, allergies, arthritis and aging. The more we have, the more serious the disease that may follow.

Genetics do play a role in our ability to consume dairy products. In “Eat Right For Your Blood Type,” Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s research shows that those from Scandinavia may indeed be able to enjoy small amounts of organic dairy products without any reaction. Other populations suffer extreme symptoms when they eat even one bite, due to the fact that it is not recognized as a familiar food by their DNA.

Organic goat milk products are easier to digest, as goats are closer to our size. If you love cheese, and do not have ANY digestive or inflammatory condition, you might try a goat milk product and see how you feel. As with everything, moderation is the trick! Save your indulgence for a special occasion. In the meantime, check out the delicious dairy-free milks, cheeses and ice creams at your health food store! You may be surprised how much you grow to love your non-dairy treats!

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