Stress and trauma are as toxic to our minds and bodies as nasty chemicals and GMO foods. And nothing ages us faster. Releasing these invisible poisons not only boosts our immune system, but lifts our mood. It also reduces inflammation and balances our blood sugar, which speeds up our metabolism while calming our adrenals. We are not only healthier, but happier!

Paul and Patricia Bragg’s wonderful book, Build Powerful Never Force, A Cure For Those Dull, Dragged-Out, Hopeless, Helpless Feelings! is even more relevant now than when they wrote it, 50 years ago, because modern life — and our world’s current health crisis — has only exacerbated the wear and tear on our nervous systems.

They write:

“Nerve Force is the source of all life. When fully supplied with Nerve Force, we are enthusiastic, happy, fit and ambitious. We overcome difficulties and are ready to accept the challenges that life offers.”

Here are some of the effective, easy-to-use and powerful tools that they share:

1. Deep Breathing

Abdominal breathing — also called diaphragmatic breathing —- immediately calms our nerves, particularly the vagus nerve, which affects our digestion and emotional well-being. To practice   this, do a long slow inhalation, to the count of seven, contracting the abdomen, and then, to the count of seven, exhale while expanding the abdomen. Repeat this three times, or until feeling relaxed.

2. Meditation and Prayer

There are many potent ways to practice meditation and prayer. For some, it means sitting quietly for twenty minutes, releasing thoughts as they appear, and focusing on the breath. For others, it’s the deep sense of peace they experience while working in the garden, knee-deep in rich soil, or while practicing tai chi. Counting our blessings — the practice of gratitude — also calms the mind and fills the heart.

3.  Salt Baths

Immersion in a hot bath filled with a pound of sea salt, or Epsom salts, is a superb detoxifier and stress reliever. Light a candle and put on some soft music, let the day go, and just enjoy the moment. If you’re brave enough to follow this with a cold shower, your immune system will love you!

We will be sharing other stress release techniques in the coming weeks, but the number one practice we recommend is: step away from the news, and focus on the beauty right in front of you.

By Julia Loggins

Author, speaker and wellness expert Julia Loggins is joining forces with Patricia Bragg to amplify Patricia’s lifetime message of health and empowerment. Julia has led a private practice in Santa Barbara, CA, for more than 35 years, with a specialty in detoxification. She has helped thousands heal digestive and autoimmune disease.

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