Meet Revolutionary Beauty and contributor to our new book, Rock-Star Shaman Alyson Charles, Internationally renowned Speaker and spiritual Teacher, former National Champion Runner, named by the Huffington Post as a “Top Limit-Breaking Female Founder” who serves as a bridge to the wisdoms of Earth-Sky (where the name Rock-Star Shaman comes from) for modern times.


The light inside her — her warmth, authenticity and generosity —  shone through on our interview! She humbly shared the brave journey she took to become the phenomenally strong woman and teacher she is today, and I’m excited to share a bit of it here with you!


Here are Ms. Charles’ thoughts on beauty, something she recognizes is sourced from the inside out:


“I feel more beautiful now than I did twenty years ago because I feel so clear in who I am. When I’m operating from a place of self-honor, self-worthand self-respect, which comes from all the work I’ve done on myself, and walking the spiritual path, and when I’m creating healthy boundaries and healthy containers for my relationships, that is when I feel beautiful. And by no means do I get it perfect all the time! And that’s OK with me, too.”


“{My dad was my running coach, and I pushed my body beyond it’s limit on a daily basis from the time I was three, when I was in my first race! But, my relationship with my body was one of disfunction and disconnection. There was no time or softness, for rest. “What is the feminine?” I asked as I was healing. I had no idea; I had been forcing my body to perform for so long. The relationship to my body and my worth was about what it could perform. Softness and the feminine was a foreign essence. Learning how to trust was a turning point in my life.”


When asked, “Is there any protocol that jump-started your connection to your body?” Ms. Charles responded:


“I love colon hydrotherapy! I’m a huge believer. Before my awakening, when my body was clamoring to get my attention, and saying “You are really off track; you are not living your dharma at all,” one of the things that came through was to drink fresh juices, detox, fast and get colonics.


I attribute colonics to helping me get in touch with my emotional body. It was a huge catalyst for my awakening! “


You can work with Ms. Charles through her Soul Reboot Spirit School, www.alysoncharles.comand look for the full interview in our book, “Revolutionary Beauty!”


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