We’re excited to share the empowering message of Revolutionary Beauty Erin Foster, writer, entrepreneur and co-owner of “Favorite Daughter,” an apparel company that she founded with her sisters, Sara and Jordan. Erin is also a founding advisor to Bumble (currently valued at $3 billion) and to Mirror, a home fitness startup that streams workouts through a mirror device (and which sold to Lululemon for $300 million in July 2020). She’s as smart as she is beautiful.

Erin is known for her humor and her unedited, uncensored approach to everything, from her own struggles with body image to her commitment to transparent marketing, to finding everlasting love with her husband, Simon, whom she married on New Year’s Eve, 2019.

When I reached out to Erin to be interviewed for our book, “Revolutionary Beauty,” and shared its mission, she responded immediately. “That’s the kind of thing I want to be part of, helping women feel good about themselves!” When we spoke, she shared as candidly, as if we’d known each other forever.

“I think you set the tone at an early age of how you view yourself. You can have an arrested development at your most insecure point, and that’s how you define yourself for the rest of your life.

“For me, feeling beautiful on the outside felt important for so long. I hinged my happiness on what people, especially men, thought of me.”

“Growing up in LA and around people who focus so much on beauty, you learn that nobody is young enough, hot enough, skinny enough, cool enough or famous enough. I wanted a lot of those things for a long time. I was also constantly compared myself to my sister, to whom everything seemed to come easy, because we were so close in age.”

“My mom was really wonderful, and it made a huge difference. She’s very comfortable getting older; she is at total peace with it ,and she always instilled that lack of shame around five extra pounds or lines on your face.”

“When I was 15, at my most awkward point, overweight, insecure and self-conscious, my mom and I went shopping for an outfit for my birthday. I was trying things on and nothing fit. I was in the dressing room when I heard the sales woman shout, “I think we need a larger size!” I just fell apart. I started crying and said, “I hate this, and I hate life and I hate myself!”

My mom said calmly, “Erin you’re 15 years old. This is exactly how you are supposed to feel today. You aren’t supposed to peak at 15! You’re supposed to peak at 30! Or 40! You don’t want to be perfect today. You have so much more time ahead of you!” It took a lot of pressure off of me.”

I was about 26 when I decided, “I’m going to go in a totally different direction. I want to be a comedy writer. I want to find friends who watch improv, and who are in tech or in writing or journalism. I am going to shift my value system.”

“I started writing, and instead of me trying to be who I thought I should be, I started being honest about who I actually was. I wrote about being rejected, and feeling insecure or having a shame spiral after being on a date when I said the wrong thing.”

“Ironically, as I was becoming my real self, I started losing weight; I just felt better about who I was. I wasn’t trying so hard, and I was blossoming!  It felt like I was just becoming who I was meant to be. Sometimes we are just carrying so much emotionally that we don’t even look like our true selves.”

“I found my own personal value system, and I found my currency, and my currency was connecting to other women. My currency was being vulnerable and being honest, and just being real. And it really changed what I valued. And then my life started to get easier. “

“I didn’t meet my husband until I was 35, and for a long time I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen for me. So I just kind of let go. And, I met someone who sees the best in me.”

I”ve had gut issues since I was 21, and I’m hyper-aware of what I eat. I am fortunate I was raised by a mom who was interested in health and wellness, clean beauty, healthy cooking, real food, not fake or fast food, home cooked meals, lots of greens, lots of vegetables, olive oil, not butter. She was into totally wholistic and alternative methods; I get that from her. I am so vigilant about what goes in my body and on my body.”

“My mom grew up in Dallas in the 50’s and everything had to be perfect at all times. However, she had a very rebellious nature, and tried to raise us differently. She took whatever trauma she experienced while being forced to be perfect, and encouraged us to be comfortable in our own skin”.

“There’s a stigma around aging in LA, or being in menopause. My mom is beautiful, and she says her age really proudly. She owns whatever her truth is. I think as women we are conditioned to hide the truth. I am so grateful I had a mom who proudly turned a new age every year. I’m trying to mimic that.”

“I think it’s important as women to embrace every new phase and chapter, and talk about it openly. Every time a woman embraces her age, it gives permission for someone else to embrace theirs. That’s the woman I want to be.”

Thank you, Erin Foster, for modeling self-care, self-love and sisterhood!! You are truly a Revolutionary Beauty.

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