Have you ever wondered, what is a “healing crisis”? And, is feeling worse before we feel better an inevitable step in healing?
A “healing crisis” can occur when we fast, let go of sugar, caffeine or anything toxic that has been a familiar part of our lifestyle. The symptoms may include fatigue, headaches, rashes, body aches and brain fog. If you’ve ever chosen to give up your morning coffee, and felt tired, groggy and achey for a week, that is a healing crisis.
The good news is, suffering is NOT an inevitable part of healing, or cleansing! There is truly no need to feel badly for days when you change your diet, or fast. Discomfort and/or pain are simply a signal that the body is overwhelmed with toxins, and needs support in releasing them. Helping your body dump the poisons from foods, environmental toxins and stress will immediately boost your energy, clear your head and lift your mood. You will feel better than ever in no time!
Where to begin? The following detox protocols can drastically reduce or eliminate the symptoms of a healing crisis:
– Salt baths
– Saunas
– Colonics/coffee enemas
– Lymphatic drainage therapy/dry skin brushing
– Brisk walks
– Proper hydration
– Hot shower followed by cold splash
If these protocols do not reduce your symptoms, consult a professional functional medicine doctor, detox expert or fasting coach. You may have an imbalance in your system that, when properly diagnosed and treated, will completely change your health — and potentially save your life.
Have you ever experienced a healing crisis?

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