We are thrilled to introduce Revolutionary Beauty, Harvard-trained Dr. Julia T. Hunter, a pioneer in the world of integrative medicine. Dr. Hunter began her career in oncology and anesthesiology, specializing in pain management. Her work in private surgical centers led to her expertise in pre-and-post op care, specifically bio-identical hormone replacement and wholistic health. She went on to become a board-certified dermatologist, compelled to discover and provide “all the pieces of the puzzle” in order to achieve the best results.

Dr. Hunter has been my dermatologist for a decade, and there is no one like her! Her three-decade submersion in the field of alternative medicine, studying with leaders and mentors world-wide to expand her knowledge of alternatives to toxic and inflammatory practices and products, has given her an extraordinary toolbox. It has also fueled her belief that the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle is key to both health AND beauty. She says,

“You are what you eat! Food is your medicine. Eat fresh, ideally organic food, lots of greens and more greens, green juices, green powders. Get plenty of protein. Eliminate sugar, white flour and processed food. You want to turn back the clock? Do it with your knife and fork!!”

“Stay hydrated! And exercise is key. Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside. I can look at someone’s skin and have great insight as to how they eat, if they exercise, if their gut is healthy, and how quickly they are aging.”

“Gut health is crucial to skin health! If you’re not eliminating twice a day, you are wasting your hard-earned money on beauty products for your skin. Gut issuesresult in inflammation and inflammation is the cause of all disease, and the cause of aging skin!”

“Sleep is also critical. No one in this society is resting enough. We need a good seven hours of sleep to truly renew our bodies and our brains.”

“Use only non-toxic skin products! Don’t put anything inflammatory on your skin; that is the largest organ of your body. You can look 20 years younger through diet, detoxification, proper skin care and healthy supplementation.”

“Being beautiful is also about the brain health and energy! What do people see when they look at your face? Your eyes. They see the joy and sparkle in your smile, your sense of humor, which is imperative in managing stress. If you’re unhappy, do whatever you can to change that. Life is short! Find what you love and do it.”

“There are many tools that I offer my patients, such as peels and lasers, minimally invasive procedures that have little downtime, which are great. But the number one secret to beauty is vibrant health!”

Dr. Hunter created a product line, “Skin Therapy,” and has a private practice in Beverly Hills, California, as well as London and Geneva. You can find her at juliathuntermd.com, and read her entire interview in ourupcoming book, “Revolutionary Beauty!”

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