We want to help you inspire your child to eat healthy! Pressure to do the opposite is everywhere — on TV and at school school. Consider these parent-tested, child-approved formulas for choosing fresh food over junk!

  1. Share cooking & food prep with your kids! When children are part of the meal planning and prep, they are enthusiastic about eating the results! After washing hands, small children can tear up lettuce for salads or use plastic knives to chop veggies. Older kids can stir fry veggies, or make pancakes or waffles. Breakfast foods for dinner is always a win!
  2. Give kids choices, but only two. “Would you like turkey slices or peanut butter on celery?” is more effective than, “What would you like in your lunchbox?”

If they chime in with, “I want cookies!” or “I want mac’n’cheese,”  You can tell them, “I know you like that, but it is not one of your choices today!”

This tactic  is from my favorite parenting book, “How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, And Listen So Kids Will Talk, “ by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. Their brilliant “Siblings Without Rivalry” is life-saving!

  1. Green Juice is not “green juice;” it’s “Leprechaun Juice! My friend Brittany coined this term on St Patrick’s Day, and now her son can’t wait for his daily parsley-celery-spinach spritzer!
  2. Create Cooking Competitions….After watching “Chopped” and Gordon Ramsey’s cooking competitions, we brought the show in-house. My teenage son, daughter and two of their friends had regular cooking competitions, with whatever was in the refrigerator — all healthy choices. My son fell so in love with cooking that he went to culinary school. You never know!

Although I occasionally allowed my children to have a “treat” when we went out, the food at home was healthy. It’s so much easier to say, “Sure, have a snack!” when everything in the pantry is nutritious. This keeps parents healthy, too! There are many fabulous brands of non-dairy ice creams, sugar-free cookies and gluten-free pastas. No one needs be deprived of their favorite foods  For young bakers, there are organic, boxed mixes that whip up into delicious cupcakes & brownies. Fast and easy!

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear them, along with your ideas for inspiring kids to eat healthy!!

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