Do you wonder why coffee enemas have become popular? They are a simple, safe and powerful tool for cleansing the colon and liver!

When drunk, coffee is acidic. However, when used internally, it alkalizes the body, and can be one of the healthiest things you can do. Coffee enemas allow the liver to flush the overwhelming amount of toxins our bodies absorb daily. They purify the blood, boost serotonin, and recharge our nervous system, creating a Vital Nerve Force. This ritual — done in the privacy of your home — can eliminate a headache (or hangover) immediately. Symptoms such as gallstones, digestive stress, bloating and intestinal pain can be reduced or eliminated through a series of coffee enemas, combined with diet changes, such as the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle.

It’s important that we combine colon cleansing with liver flushes to avoid “autointoxication” — an overload of toxins within our system. As coffee enemas cleanse both the colon and liver, you will feel instantly energized and renewed!

I am always asked the question, are coffee enemas safe? Yes! Enemas have been used for thousands of years as a cleansing protocol in every culture. Sketches of medicine men and women administering coffee enemas have been found on cave walls in South America! However, if you are caffeine sensitive, it is wise to avoid the use of coffee. Instead, add wheatgrass or essential oils such as chamomile to the enema water.

If you’re interested in more information about how to do a coffee enema, go to Please reach out with any questions!!

Have you ever done a coffee enema? Tell us your experience!

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