About Patricia Bragg

A bright, bold and ageless queen with sparkle socks and a flower crown;  health evangelist and icon, Patricia Bragg is equal parts genius and magician. Patricia has it all— balls, brass and mythic charm. She loves and is loved by millions.

A maverick with a message, this ordained minister found her true calling in the cathedral of higher health. Her simple, authentic lifetime litany has inspired generations, saved lives and influenced the thinking of health care practitioners worldwide. She ran Bragg Live Foods, her pioneering natural foods company for 65 years, and now is as trail blazing and revolutionary as she has always been. Smart. Feisty. Colorful. Unconventional. Beautiful. Wild. And always surprising.

Patricia’s healthy living rallying cry is more relevant than ever.

It’s a message of personal empowerment and hope. When we shift from a mindset of victim to champion—we can take charge of our own health.

At 91 years young, she is a living and sparkling example of the healthy lifestyle she and her father have lived.

Patricia continues to live the life of a 100% dedicated health crusader with a passion like her father, Paul C. Bragg, a world-renowned health authority. Patricia achieved international fame in her own right, spreading the word of health through lectures, radio shows and magazine interviews throughout her career. Patricia and her father co-authored, The Bragg 10 book Health Library of Instructive, Inspiring Books, that promote a healthier lifestyle, for a long, vital, happy life. Patricia herself is the symbol of health, perpetual youth and radiance.

Those who follow The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle are living testimony to how it works

Patricia’s message is of world-wide appeal to people of all ages, nationalities and walks-of-life. Those who follow The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle are living testimony to how it works, like super athlete, Jack LaLanne, who at age 15 went from sickness to Total Health after meeting Paul Bragg at a lecture! He made a lifelong career out of teaching others about fitness and health. And while the Bragg Principles may not have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (yet), many A-listers including actors and recording artists credit their forever-young good looks and health to this incomparable father/daughter team.

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